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Upcoming Events

Every winter during National Engineer's Week, the Bot Side hosts an event where we explain and demonstrate this year's game challenge to visitors of the MIT Museum. We generally send invitations to more than 15 FTC, 3 FRC, and 3 FLL teams but can only accept about 6-7 total, with at least one FRC and one FLL. These acceptances happen on a first-come, first-serve basis, with teams coming prepared to the event with interactive, hands-on learning activities for the younger generation of students interested in STEM and FIRST. In recent years, we have had teams contact us in advance to reserve a spot for their team. If this is something you would like to do, please send us a brief email in early to mid-November informing us of your interest. 

Our spring event is meant to serve as a reflection opportunity for teams to reflect on their past season. In previous years, we have heard testimonials from teams in their rookie years to teams that have advanced to the World Championships. Teams generally tend to bring their robot, a posterboard that is generally showcased at competitions, and any/all awards they've earned as a team. Pictures in the form of a slideshow are also strongly encouraged. This event is named after Professor Woodie Flowers, the creator of Gracious Professionalism in FIRST, and he has graced us with his attendance in previous years. The attendance for this event is much greater than our winter event, with slots for up to 12 teams.