The Bot Side

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Meet the team!

Ranjan Regmi (RJ), Captain

Hello, My name is Ranjan Regmi. I am currently a senior at Community Charter School of Cambridge.I have been a part of Robotics for five years now. I am very passionate about STEM, and I enjoy teaching the newer members about engineering and the design process, along with how to interact with companies.

Brendon Bellevue, Captain of Outreach and Co-Captain of the team

Rohit Chopra, Software Director,

I  am a sophomore at the Community Charter School of Cambridge. I have been a part of team 5397 for two years.I love software engineering because software is the brains of the robot and without it, the robot doesn’t move. I’d love to be a Major computer/ electrical engineer in the future once I graduate for college and get a Master’s degree at Carnegie Mellon. I’m interested in software because it  seemed to be the most appealing for me and I’ve been doing it ever since. In 15 years from now, I will see myself in a mirror. 

Wo Wei (Willy) Lin

I joined robotics because I love engineering. In college, I plan on majoring in mechanical and electrical engineering at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering and wants to get a masters degree. I chose engineering because I like to create new things and make life easier for others. Also, my family was in the engineering field and I will continue this. 15 years from now, I want to build my own house.

Alvin Chan

I joined robotics I like engineering and I like hanging out with my friends. I want to attend MIT in the future and major in math and statistics. I’m also interested in minoring computer science. In 15 years from now, I see myself sitting in my office, looking out the window at the amazing view while enjoying life.

Alexa DiGeso

I joined robotics because I was curious about robots and the way engineering works when different minds combine and apply it to the creation of a robot. I want to become a surgeon in the army. I don’t yet know what college I would like to apply to in the near future but I am excited for it.

Walther Nufio

I joined robotics because I have a passion for engineering and love technology since I was a child. I would like to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and major in computer engineering. I would like to minor in computer science. In 15 years from now, I see myself owning my own computer in computer building. I also see myself to be financially stable possibly with a loving family. My overall future will have ups and downs that I am willing to face in order to make the best out of life and have internal happiness.

Aiddsson Restrepo Yepes

I joined robotics because I wanted to try something new in my life and I like engineering. I want to continue my academic in college while pursuing further prospects in professional tennis. In 15 years from now, I see myself playing in the finals  of the US Open Tennis Tournament against Rafael Nadaal and Roger Federer and beating them.

Ms. Nebiolo, Coach

This is my second year mentoring the Robotics team. Having been a part of my own high school robotics team, I was excited to advise the students in The Bot Side. The enthusiasm, energy and creativity the students show throughout the season has been my favorite part of being a part of the team. I look forward to assisting the students in their continued success and love watching FTC, and The Bot Side specifically, grow.

Mr. Pace, Coach

This is my first year mentoring the Robotics team.  While I have never done robotics myself, I started teaching Computer Science this year and felt that the two subjects were very connected.  I have really have enjoyed working with and been impressed by the students excitement around building and controlling their own robot.  I am looking forward to supporting the team through this year’s competition and to come back and continue to watch the team grow in the future.